7 Essential Makeup Tips for Bridesmaids That You Will Love ...


7 Essential Makeup Tips for Bridesmaids That You Will Love ...
7 Essential Makeup Tips for Bridesmaids That You Will Love ...

If you’re not hiring a makeup artist (or maybe you are…) you can use these makeup tips for bridesmaids. Pass these on, and follow these tips! I have seen some really bad makeup on bridesmaids, and it can be very distracting. Use these makeup tips for bridesmaids and you won't go wrong.

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Add a Primer

This is perhaps the one true MUST of all the makeup tips for bridesmaids. Foundation primer and eyeshadow base are products you might not bother with in everyday life, but make sure you do for your wedding. Primers ensure that makeup goes on more smoothly and stays put for much longer, and will help keep it on when you’re busting a move on the dance floor! Plus, they fill in large pores and fine lines for a smoother, photo-ready finish, and they keep shadow from creasing.


Keep the Centre of Your Face Matte

Your bridemaids will be in lots of photos throughout the night, and this step is to ensure they look beautiful all the while. For the most flattering look in photos with that annoying flash, keep the middle zone of your face shine-free by dusting powder. Apply this on the corners of your nose, your chin, forehead and between the eyebrows. For mess-free touch-ups, keep blotting papers in your handbag and use them when you duck into the ladies' room.


Stain Your Lips

This is obviously to ensure that the lipstick stays on your bridesmaids all night long. Throughout all the stains on the glasses, and marks on their date’s cheek, you want the color to last. Try using a lip stain. If it is too matte for what you like, you can add a clear gloss on top.


Accentuate Your Brows

Brows frame your face, and especially if you're wearing minimal eye makeup. Brows have a huge effect on whether you look polished or not and are the final step to your makeup. If you're saving money by DIYing your makeup, consider investing in a professional brow grooming about a week before your big day (don’t try waxing them yourself days before). You can also purchase an eyebrow pencil the shade of your hair but try avoid making them too dark/harsh.


The Perfect Foundation

Make sure to not try anything new the day of your BFF’s wedding. Go for the usual foundation that fits your skin perfectly. If you don’t have a good foundation, I suggest going to the pros. Go into The Bay or any makeup counter and ask for some help (no shame ladies!). Make sure to get a foundation that covers unexpected blemishes that morning but that will also last all night.


Pick a Timeless Eye Shadow

If your bridesmaids are all wearing matching makeup, try and pick something that won't overwhelm them. Since everyone is different, and every eye color may be different, try and pick a neutral color. A bright blue or purple will look very dated and you may even look back on those photos and cringe! A light brown or plain black eye liner is a great option, as you can then play up the rest of their face.



This is pretty obvious, but mascara is a MUST when you are going to be in pictures. This is the final step when working on your eyes and will frame them and make them pop. Go for a dark black mascara but make sure it is clump free!

Makeup can be so much fun to play with, but your wedding day may not be the right place for playtime. Make sure all your bridesmaids feel comfortable with the makeup choice and don’t look over done. Is there a go to makeup tip to use everyday?

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Also, keep you makeup fresh and light. Weddings are a bright and fun day, so don't put too much or dark makeup on

If your not old enough to wear blush then pinch your cheeks a few times to put some color in your cheeks

Amazing tips ...thanks

Thanks for this article .

R.E. eyebrows - use a pencil a shade LIGHTER than your hair or you will end up with cartoon brows!

Great to know for us bridesmaids

Nice tip for my wife. Thanks

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