The Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World for and beyond ...


The Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World for and beyond ...
The Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World for and beyond ...

In the current climate, we all know we can't really travel (not properly, anyway) but there is nothing wrong with dreaming about your perfect honeymoon. The coronavirus pandemic isn’t going to last forever, after all, and it’s likely that even those of you who had planned on getting hitched in 2020 will have postponed your plans at this point. And that only gives you more time to plan and save up for the honeymoon of a lifetime! So, after he popped the question with a dazzling engagement ring from F.Hinds, where should you be casting your gaze?

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Bora Bora

The place so nice they named it twice. Bora Bora is a Polynesian dream that is often thought of as one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. There’s world-famous snorkelling in the coral reefs, gorgeous summer turquoise eaters and the imposing sight of Mount Otemanu to enjoy - one of the world’s most beautiful dormant volcanos.



With its pristine sands and glistening waters, not to mention those balmy temperatures and abundance of private beaches, the Maldives is the jewel of the Indian Ocean. It’s an incredibly romantic place that’s also famous for its water sports and because March is the hottest month, you should be able to get an incredible deal for flights. You’ll be spoilt for choice with accommodation too, with luxury private villas and overwater bungalows very much the order of the day.



The most romantic and dynamic European destination on our list, there are so many different versions of Italy to discover. If you want to transform your honeymoon into a city break, there’s the iconic capital city of Rome, but if you’re after classic romance then there’s the canal city of Venice. For those who want to tread their own path, however, we’d recommend the vast green expanses of Florence or the pastel glory of the Amalfi Coast. One thing is for sure, you’ll never have eaten better in your lives!



Can there be anything more romantic than the surreal, supernatural glow of the northern lights? You might not get the hot weather, but the landscapes are truly incredible and if you’re more of an adventurous couple then we have good news for you - Iceland is mostly uninhabited. Indeed, aside from hosting some of nature’s most beautiful creations (and glorious hot springs), Iceland is also practically barren. So, why not hire a jeep and tear up some unexplored terrain?



The “Isle of the Gods” has been a magnet for romance for hundreds of years, with the island covered in misty temples, mountain vistas and glorious cultural highs. The quirky and spiritual choice to go for as far as ideal honeymoon destinations are concerned. And the fact it was featured heavily in Eat, Pray, Love has nothing to do with, we swear!

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