7 Simple Things about Your Wedding That Are Making You Fat ...


The processes of planning your wedding can be an exciting yet daunting task. With all the details that go into making your day just perfect- the gathering of relatives and romantic adventures with your fiancé- it's easy to forget about one, yet vital detail: fitting into your wedding dress the day-of! It's important not to neglect your health, especially the months before your big day. Here's a list of simple things about your wedding that are making you fat!

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Staying up Late with Your Love

person, musician, conversation, profession, writing, Long conversations late into the night with your soon-to-be spouse is a great way to connect and keep the romance alive if daily activities are keeping you apart. Just remember that lack of sleep is one factor in weight gain- something you desperately want to avoid before your big day! Set a curfew and stick to it- you have your whole life to chat late into the night.


Stress of Planning

pint us, Oh,, God., Probably the biggest culprit of pre-wedding weight gain is stress! Guest lists, food selection, venue, music, etc- all the planning and deciding can cause an excess of stress. And although the stress is accompanied with the joy and thrills of married life, it's still harmful to your health. Find a de-stressing activity that you and your partner can do together and don't forget to solicit help from friends and family!


Constantly Snacking

hair, person, singing, film, It's tempting to finish that plate of cake samples or try all the reception food when choosing the menu. But those extra calories are accumulating around your waistline! Portion control is key and you can still savor the food without overindulging. Also keep in mind all the parties you'll be attending with loads of food!


Work-life Balance (or Lack Thereof)

person, human action, arm, muscle, chest, Pre-wedding festivities and duties make it difficult to balance your work and social life. It pretty much consumes you up until your wedding day! The lack of work-life balance can cause stress and anxiety which, mentioned previously, causes weight gain. Find time to relax and spend time with your fiancé, without discussing wedding logistics (if possible!).


Family Gatherings

meal, dinner, party, christmas decoration, banquet, Family generally comes into town weeks before the wedding to make the trip extra special. With family comes food and lots of it. Relatives like to bake and cook all the specialties (consider it the same as a family reunion). Therefore, you'll want to watch what you eat and how much you eat to avoid weight gain!


Neglecting Your Workouts

room, furniture, living room, chair, photo shoot, With a full schedule of wedding planning, work, and time spent with your man, it's hard to make space for exercise. But, working out is something you definitely don't want to neglect! It keeps those pesky added pounds away and gives you loads of energy.


Always Going out to Eat

classical music, alcohol, dinner, violinist, meal, Add up all the times you dine out with family and romantic evenings with your love, and you've got a recipe for weight gain! It's hard to stay on track when you're always eating out. Instead, suggest a family potluck or a romantic evening in. Your waistline and wallet will thank you!

There you have it! Keep these things in mind while planning for your wedding and the extra pounds will stay away!

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