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The father daughter dance is an iconic part of any wedding. It’s when everyone tears up and the bride dances with her dad while everyone looks on and wipes their eyes. Looking for the perfect dance song to share with your dad? Here are some choices that you are going to love. Now the only problem will be trying to figure out which one you love best. Grab your tissues and get ready for a listen. You’re going to adore them all.

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“Daddy’s Angel”

With a title like this, you know it’s perfect for your dance with your dad. The song is all about the dad’s memories of raising his daughter. The best part is when he says that he’s giving her away, but never letting go. If you and your dad are really close and share a special relationship, this song will sum it up well. I dare you not to cry!


“through the Eyes of My Father”

Any dad will tell you that giving away is daughter on her wedding day is bittersweet. It’s happy and sad at the same time. My mom recently told me that my dad locked himself in their bedroom and cried the night after he walked me down the aisle. This song is the perfect way to sum up how a dad feels about his daughter.


“Daddy Dance with Me”

Chances are you danced with your dad many times before your wedding day. The dance you share on your wedding day will probably be the most memorable. This song comes from the daughter’s perspective and allows Dad to see her as his little girl even though she’s all grown up.



The name of this song makes it clear that it’s a great song for your dad. This sweet song is all about how a daughter’s dad taught her all about love and how to find someone who truly loved and cared for her. You’re going to need a handful of tissues every time you hear this song.


“My Little Girl”

This song by Tim McGraw is perfect for a father daughter dance. It’s sung from the dad’s point of view and it talks about how he’s telling her to spread her wings and take on the world, but that she always has a place at home too. McGraw has said he has a hard time singing this one sometimes since he has three daughters.


“I Loved Her First”

At first glance you might think this was a song about two people fighting over a lover. It’s not. It’s a dad’s message to his daughter’s new husband about how he needs to treasure her and take of her, but to remember that Daddy loved her first. This one is super emotional, but it will make your big day memorable.



Here’s another tear jerker of a song from a dad’s perspective. His words say “stealing Cinderella,” but it’s about how Dad is giving his blessing for the marriage, but will always remember the bride as his little girl. This song has exploded in popularity and will probably be the father daughter dance and hundreds of weddings. But that’s OK. You’ll love it.

What father daughter song are you considering? Which of these tunes is your favorite?

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I danced to Chrisette Michele's Your Joy! It was beautiful.

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