Things You do That Really Annoy Your Bridesmaids ...

By EmMa

Things You do That Really Annoy Your Bridesmaids ...

Yes, you're the bride, but there are plenty of things that annoy bridesmaids. They are your besties and you've chosen them to be in your wedding because you love them and want them to spend your big day with you. However, don't turn into a Bridezilla because you still want those girls to be your friends after the wedding, right? Here are the top things that annoy bridesmaids.

1 Expensive Events

One of the biggest things that annoy bridesmaids is holding wedding-related events that are super expensive. Remember, these girls probably aren't millionaires and likely can't afford to shell out the cash for spa treatments, a getaway bachelorette party or a big night out on the town. Go ahead and celebrate, but don't make it out of reach for the girls who mean the most to you.

2 Making a Singles Table

Sure some of your bridesmaids might be single ladies, but they hate it when you put them at the singles table. They might feel left out of the festivities or like their single status is being broadcast for everyone. It's better to group your ladies with your entire wedding party or at tables with people they already know.

3 Saying the Dresses Can Be Worn Again

You might do your very best to choose a bridesmaid dress that your girls can wear another time, but chances are that's simply not going to happen. So don't even suggest it. Instead, choose a classy and fashionable dress that won't break the bank - there, everyone's happy!

4 Last Minute Changes

This is annoying anytime, not just at a wedding. Make sure your bridesmaids are clear about the rehearsal time and place, whether you want them to make a wedding toast and where you're meeting up to do hair and makeup. Try to avoid changing things up at the last minute. There's nothing worse than a stressed out wedding party.

5 Being Snotty

No one is going to want to deal with you if you're being mean to your bridesmaids. Yes, planning a wedding is stressful and time consuming, but you want to preserve your friendships and enjoy the process at the same time. Stay cool and try to roll with the punches and your wedding will be spectacular for everyone involved.

6 Being a Know It All

You are the bride, but that doesn't mean you need to turn into a know it all. No one likes that and it undermines the ideas and suggestions of your bridesmaids. Be open to what they might think and you could have some great wedding ideas you wouldn't have considered on your own. After all, they're your friends and only want what's best for you.

7 Pushing Friendships

Your bridesmaids might not all know each other or be best friends with each other, but they hate it when you force them into being buddies. As soon as you've chosen your girls, get them all together so they know one another, but don't make them hang out. They won't like it at all.

What other advice can you offer a bride from a bridesmaid?


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