8 Summer ☀️ Wedding 💍 Trends That Are Hot 🔥 AF Right Now ⏰ ...

Summer weddings are simply gorgeous! If you're planning one anytime soon, here are 8 summer wedding trends you absolutely must incorporate into your special day.

1. Dynamic Colors

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Bright hues are popular for summer weddings. But if you try to use too many colors in one space, you might wind up with a look that's more carnival than nuptial. Think sophisticated brights. Sticking with just two hues (or two plus an accent color) will keep your space unified. Rather than splashing color all over your reception space, use one dynamic color for a strong statement -- think all-pink centerpieces or bold orange table linens. This holds especially true for your centerpieces: Instead of multicolored centerpieces, alternate single-color floral arrangements for a pulled-together look.

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