9 New and Exquisitely Stylish Wedding Trends for 2012 ...


9 New and Exquisitely Stylish Wedding Trends for 2012 ...
9 New and Exquisitely Stylish Wedding Trends for 2012 ...

Wedding Trends can be really hard to follow. If you're a blushing bride and are looking for wedding trends for 2012 – you must be going crazy trying to plan! Don't worry brides, I'm the ultimate wedding planner and I got the low-down on the wedding trends for 2012 – just stay tuned below!

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Outdoor Venues

Outdoor venues have been one of the few wedding trends that has been consistent every single day. I love outdoor weddings, I think that the natural setting, the beauty and if the weather is nice – it can be awesome! Some popular places for 2012 include vineyards or even farms and gardens. Might be worth looking into – just make sure you have a back up space in case it rains!


Good Night Station

You're probably wondering what a 'good night station' is right? Well, it's actually a great and interactive station that gives your guests a little treat when they leave. Whether you are giving them a little bit of pastries or doughnuts or candy – these stations are a great way to say thank you to your guests for celebrating your special day!


Faux Flower Décor

Flowers are definitely among some of the most expensive things for wedding. You could spend up to $30,000 on just flowers if you let yourself! Did you know that having faux flowers is actually one of the 2012 wedding trends? Believe it ladies! Things like tissue flowers, paper flowers or even feathers are being used nowadays!


Full-Scale Themes

While themed weddings seem to have popped up more often in this generation, a lot of weddings don't go with a full scale theme. That is one of the main wedding trends for 2012 ladies! A full scale theme is carried throughout the invites, save the dates, flowers, centerpieces and even the food and desserts. My favorite wedding theme is Alice in Wonderland – what's yours?


Dessert Tables

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: you spent so much money on a huge wedding cake, why provide a dessert table? Well ladies, gone are the days when a wedding cake is going to be enough. Guests are really looking for that wow factor and a dessert tables stacked high with beautiful desserts is that wow factor. Even chocolate fountains are making a come back!


Candy Station

While you might think that this could be a dessert station – it depends what you put on it. I've seen weddings where the bride and groom place everything from M&Ms to candy bars and gummi bears in vases for guests to dig into. Typically, a candy station is just a fun little addition!


No Kids

Believe it or not, weddings used to be a full family deal. Not anymore! More and more receptions nowadays are requesting that a sitter be paid for and the kids left at home. Typically, it's so the parents can have a really good time without worrying – but what do you think? Should kids be allowed at a reception?


Personalized DIY Décor

Doing anything that has to do with a wedding yourself is hard. Trust me, I've seen Bridezillas too many times, I know what it takes to make all of those little wedding favors and place cards. However – personalized DIY projects are popping up in the wedding trends of 2012, so if you're crafty, it might be worth checking into!


Cake Pops

I've seen cake pops everywhere! I swear – even Starbucks sells these things now! Cake pops are basically a lollipop made of cake and they are a huge wedding trend for 2012. Whether you have them on your dessert station or just at the tables – these are a must have!

I know it's tough to keep up with the wedding trends each year but you don't have to follow every trend you see. Not a huge sweets person? Nix the candy station! It's all about you and your fiance – so make it your own! What other wedding trends have you guys seen lately? I'm dying to know!!

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