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We Need to Retire These 17 Bridesmaids Dresses ASAP ...

By Lyndsie

Wedding season is almost upon us, which means quite a few of you will be brides – and bridesmaids, of course. Heather and I had our mothers as our maids of honor, and we wanted them to choose their own (beautiful) dresses. An increasing number of marrying couples ask the people who stand up with them to do just that, but all the same, there are certain styles that need to be … just benched for a while, if not outright retired. Sometimes it's a silhouette, sometimes a color, but this upcoming season, think about switching it up and avoiding some of the standards.

1 Very Large Bows

I think anyone who's ever worn a dress with a big bow will agree that it is almost always awkward and very rarely flattering.

2 Extremely off-shoulder

There's a way to do this trend, but this particular style can feel a little restrictive. Then again, add thin straps, perhaps, and there's less danger of slippage.

3 High-neck Lace

Kind of itchy and uncomfortable.

4 Sweetheart Necklines with a Deep Dip

It's a little hit or miss sometimes, especially when it comes to comfort.

5 White

Okay, it's daring and it bucks convention, but having the entire bridal party in white is a little overwhelming. Stand out a little, it's your day – though, admittedly, this wedding dress is definitely a standout.

6 Avoid Bridal-matching Entirely, Maybe

Maybe? Or maybe I just don't get it.

7 All the Fringe

Don't get me wrong, I get it and I still love the 1920s theme for a wedding, but it's so easy for fringe to get tangled and snagged and, oh man, there's just so much room to mess up your dress. It's terrifying!

8 Say “no” to Shapeless

I get the idea and everything, kind of, and I can also see the prettiness in the style's simplicity, but it's a little too simple, even in a bold color. You get what I mean? Though, I have to say, stunning bride!

9 Too Much Netting

Netting, tulle, overlays – they look gorgeous, but they can be so itchy!

10 Seriously, Tone down on the Transparency

I mean, this is high-fashion pretty, but not really all that practical, you know?

11 Blush and Bashful

I know a shade of pink is one of the colors of the year, but sometimes pink is pink and maybe it's time to shift focus onto another hue.

12 Shorts?

Are these shorts? What are these? What do you call this? Sincerely curious, too lazy for the google.

13 Print OD

There is such a thing as too much print. The silhouettes are fierce, though!

14 Don't Have Too Much Going on

See, separately, I love all these ideas. Actually, even the round neck, three-quarter sleeves, and pleated skirt look lovely together. With a bold, flashy color, though, you can go over the top. Keep that in mind when picking or designing your dresses.

15 The Grecian Look

Every woman is a goddess and deserving of a divine dress, but let's give the Grecian look a little rest. Just a little one, then let's bring it right back into fashion.

16 This

Don't. Not that it isn't really lovely and flattering and glamorous, it's just – not for a wedding!

17 Jumpsuits

Actually, I don't know, maybe we could do with more of these. I bet it's way easier to dance. On the downside, do jumpsuits ever really look this flattering?

Planning a wedding? About to be a bridesmaid? What's the dress situation?

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