11 Most Gorgeous Backs of Wedding Dresses ...

Every girl has that one thing she looks for in her wedding dress, and for me it’s the backs of wedding dresses that really catch my eye. There is something so wonderful and sensual and unexpected about having a gorgeous back to a wedding dress. It’s more than a grand entrance; it contributes to a grand exit. Everyone sees how beautiful a bride is when they walk in, but a gorgeous back makes everyone see how beautiful she is even when she leaves! Here are my choices for the 11 most gorgeous backs of wedding dresses.

1. The Custom Dress

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Now this may be one of the most gorgeous backs of wedding dresses I’ve ever seen, and there’s some debate as to who the dress is from! The site that brought this dress to us says it’s a custom dress, so I’m going to go with that! Really though, this is just stunning, it’s feminine, romantic, and appears to be light as air. I love the flowery detail on this, and the bow adds a perfect touch and balance to this - definitely a great way to make your grand exit!

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