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If you’ve looked, you’ll have seen there aren’t many tips for choosing dresses for bridesmaids of different ages online, especially if you’re having a mixture of adult and child bridesmaids. It can be very difficult to choose dresses that go together that will suit all of your bridesmaids, so here are 7 tips for choosing dresses for bridesmaids of different ages.

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Choose a Clear Colour Scheme

You need to know what colour scheme you would like for your wedding, and one of the most important tips for choosing dresses for bridesmaids of different ages, and also important regardless of age, is ensuring that the colour will match your dress. This is easier if you’re having white or ivory but if not, you really want to ensure they don’t clash.


Remember That the Dresses Don’t Have to Be the Same

Bridesmaids dresses definitely don’t have to all be the same. You could go for the same colour but different styles, or the same styles and different colours. If you’ve got a 30 year old, a 14 year old and a 5 year old bridesmaid, you’re never going to find a dress that they can all wear.


Make Sure the Dresses Are Age-appropriate

Apart from finding dresses that can fit bridesmaids of very different ages, it’s also important to ensure that the dresses are age-appropriate. If your younger bridesmaid is a tall 12 year old, you may get an identical adult dress to fit her but if it’s too revealing then it won’t be appropriate.


Ensure They Are Comfortable in the Dresses

It’s your day and you need to be happy with the dresses, but so do your bridesmaids, and this is one of the most important tips for choosing dresses for bridesmaids of different ages. This can be harder if there’s a bit of an age gap, as younger ladies may feel a bit frumpy or older ladies may feel that the dress is too short or tight.


Use Coloured Sashes and Accessories

If you’re struggling to find a dress in the right colour for a younger bridesmaid, consider getting a neutral dress and adding a sash, bag and shoes and match the colour of the other dress(es). That way they’ll still look coordinated. Plus, it’s better to have just a splash of the exact right colour than a whole dress in a colour that isn’t quite the same.


Find a Shop That Does Different Styles in the Same Colour

If you’ve got a mixture of adult and child bridesmaids, it’s worth finding somewhere that does both adult and child dresses in specific colours, so that the dresses will be suitable for each girl but will still match.


Shop Online

The final tip for choosing dresses for bridesmaids with an age gap is to look for them online. That way, there’s so much more choice than you could possibly see in any shop. If you can’t find a shop that does adult and child’s dresses in matching colours, you’re likely to find somewhere online. It’s easy to order a selection and just return and get a refund for the ones you don’t want, so don’t worry about that either.

If you had bridesmaids with an age gap at your weddings, what tips for choosing dresses for bridesmaids of different ages could you share?

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Those are great tips! My cousin is engaged and I am going to share these with her!

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