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When I saw that ModCloth had featured an array of wedding guest outfits for spring on their website, I knew I just had to do an article on it! I've just come back from a friend's beautiful wedding in Lincoln and so it seemed like the perfect time for an article on weddings. I often struggle to find the right dress when a wedding is just around the corner and there is always a bit of a last minute panic to make sure I choose the right one! Here are 7 of my favorite wedding guest outfits that are sure to get you noticed.

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Gilded Grace Dress

Gilded Grace Dress This is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen, and ModCloth have styled it with a pretty pair of nude heels and gorgeous gold accessories. This is one of my favorite wedding guest outfits for spring - it can be worn time and time again and its neutral shade means it will complement a range of shoes and accessories.


When the Night Comes Dress in Smoke

When the Night Comes Dress in Smoke I love the smoky grey lilac color of this dress but would never have thought to team it with turquoise heels - I think it's a really fun looks that makes it ideal for spring or summer weddings!


Delight in the Day Dress

Delight in the Day Dress This pretty white shift dress looks stunning paired with nude accessories and a pretty, sparkly belt. It could be worn again and again, so you'll get lots of use out of it long after the wedding is over! I think it would look great for spring or summer weddings or parties.


First Slow Dance Dress

First Slow Dance Dress I love this dress! The blue and nude colorway teamed with the bright blue pumps looks great and adds a quirky touch - I think it would great for a date, party or other special occasion as well as for a wedding. You could even dress it down with pretty heels and tights for a winter party.


Moonlight Marvel Dress in Princess Pink

Moonlight Marvel Dress in Princess Pink Teamed with white accessories, this Grecian inspired dress looks simply gorgeous! If you wanted to go full-on girly then you could keep the accessories pink too, but I really like how ModCloth have styled the model in their shot. This is a stunning dress that will get you noticed at any wedding!


Museum Matrimony Dress

Museum Matrimony Dress I'm not normally a fan of longer dresses (probably because I'm only 5ft4" tall) but this is gorgeous! I love the cobalt blue color and quirky pattern, teamed with the Dainty Dramaturge Heel in rose - and the addition of the mint floral necklace just adds to the look. This is an outfit I would definitely wear to any wedding in the spring or summer months.


Perfect Poise Peacock Dress

Perfect Poise Peacock Dress This dress with peacock feather print is so pretty! It would be great for an evening wedding reception or glam wedding party - it could also be worn for nights out or special meals at any time of year. I really love it!

There you have it; my pick of 7 wedding guest outfits to make you stand out in the crowd. If you're anything like me, you struggle to find the perfect outfit to wear when a wedding is looming, so hopefully this will help you to find something gorgeous! What will you be wearing to any weddings this spring or summer?

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Definitely 100% on the white don't do it. But yay for the author to include an array of body types./

Doesn't the author know it's rude to wear white to a wedding??

I agree with all the above comments. Also I'm not sure the aim of a good wedding guest outfit is to 'get noticed'. The only person dressed to get noticed at a wedding surely should be the bridal (and bridal party)?

*the bride

as a guest I have a royal blue lace over nude shift dress, sleeveless any ideas what to wear to cover my shoulders and what colour is best please ???

The first one is way too much like a wedding dress! Also you're not really supposed to wear white/cream :/

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Agreed. I felt the white dresses would be gorgeous on the more non traditional bride who does not mind these shorter length dresses. ... And the soft pink number would be gorgeous on the brides maid. The other colors were nice choices but i guess not all weddings are the stylish classy affairs in magazines so I would judge based on my comfort level and consult close family or friend who knows the wedding party if unsure.

It is the bride's day you know. Her moment to shine, you'll get yours someday too.

One should never wear white to a wedding unless requested to do so by the couple. It's an unwritten wedding guest rule.

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