7 Amazing Wedding Photographers in Paris for Unforgettable Pictures ...


7 Amazing Wedding Photographers in Paris for Unforgettable Pictures ...
7 Amazing Wedding Photographers in Paris for Unforgettable Pictures ...

Every girl dreams of getting married in Paris, but when that dream comes true she wonders how she will ever find the right wedding photographers in Paris. Panic not, my ladies, my very own Parisian wedding is coming up in a few weeks and I just went through this exercise a couple of months ago. As a true believer in the saying "sharing is caring," and because I care about you having the wedding of your dreams, I’m here to report on my findings and hope to give you a starting point in your quest. Because let me tell you, there are quite a few amazing wedding photographers in Paris to choose from! Let me introduce you to a few.

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One and Only Paris Photography

One and Only Paris Photography **Website: **oneandonlyparisphotography.com

He’s American, she’s French, they’re married and live in the heart of Paris! How romantic is that for your wedding photographers in Paris? Anthony and Audrey met in 2003 in Madrid while Audrey was doing her undergrad internship at a movie and television production company. Anthony found his passion for photography in college and has since lived and practiced photography in New York, Madrid, Beijing, and now Paris with Audrey. He speaks English as a native, Spanish fluently, and I hear he can speak French slightly better than a four-year-old. She only loves chocolate and shoes as much as photography. How perfect are they?


Emmanuel Bergère

Emmanuel Bergère **Website: **mariageimage.com

He is by far my personal favorite, which is why I picked him for my upcoming wedding! I just love the way he captures the moments as they are, no posing, no directing. Just natural moments in life. Plain, raw emotions. His pictures are exquisite in their simplicity – they are mirrors into the souls of the people he captures. Perhaps it is the fact that photography has been in his family for four generations that enables Emmanuel to be able to see the true beauty of moments like weddings. His father was a photographer and film maker, his mother was a painter, while himself studied architecture and landscape – all this translates into truly amazing photographs that mix photojournalism, illustration and portrait on the fly. His photographs have an extraordinary au naturel feel to them and that, for me, made him a winner in my quest!


Nicolas ChaUveau

Nicolas ChaUveau **Website: **nicolaschauveau.blogspot.com

How does one go from a science major to becoming a photographer? According to Nicolas Chauveau, a hyper-plane topography within an n-dimensional space gave him as much satisfaction as a polymer behavior in aqueous environments… literally none. Eh, I don’t know what that even means but I must agree that photography sounds a lot more human-centered and fun than science. So Nicolas Chauveau the photographer was born, focusing on building his own personal sense of beauty. These days Nicolas specializes in wedding photography, as well as advertising, sports and architecture photography, mainly covering southern France and Paris. Thinking of cruising the French Riviera for your honeymoon and need a photographer to document it? He’s your guy!


Maxime Desessard Photography

Maxime Desessard Photography **Website: **studio-max.fr

Maxine is another really, really great photographer with a great ability of capturing natural moments and emotions. He tends to be discreet and take the photos in a non-intrusive way in order to capture the natural order of things. He is French photographer living in Paris who began his career as an advertising photographer, and then working in the fashion industry. During the last ten years he has used that fashion and beauty background to create his unique style in the world of wedding photojournalism. Definitely worth looking into his work!


Studio Cabrelli

Studio Cabrelli **Website: **studiocabrelli.com

Who better to understand your wedding photo needs and ideas than a married couple who’s already been there? Maria and Dominique Cabrelli are both professional photographers specializing in portrait and wedding photography. Dominique has been a wedding photographer for twenty years and taught wedding photojournalistic style to local photographers in Japan. In addition to their studio in Paris you will find them in Provence as well working in their second studio. Need a photographer in Provence too while honeymooning? Check!


Pauline F Photography

Pauline F Photography **Website: **paulinefphotography.com

Her name is Pauline and she is a young, sweet, creative photographer with a severe addiction to coffee latte. Just like me! The latte part I mean. While she is based in Rennes, the capital of the region of Brittany, the self-taught professional photographer has a passion for the present moment and believes in celebrating love in all its forms. She covers both Paris and Rennes and her work spans from weddings to mommies-to-be, to newborn shots, to couples. Like she says, it’s all about the love, the sweet images, bright, sunny, romantic and vintage strand. You should check out her blog – it’s filled with amazing love stories seen through the eyes of a photographer.



WeddingLight **Website: **weddinglight.com

They believe your wedding is your story and they want to tell your story. WeddingLight aims to capture those magical moments of your life as a visual artist and with the sensibility of a quiet observer. They have been around for over ten years now and storytelling is their focus with a touch of style and elegance while still modern and fun. If photography is not enough for you, they offer wedding video services as well, and just recently they branched out to wedding planning services through their sister company WeddingLight Events in Paris. There you have it, a full service studio made up of five professional photographers and two film makers. Their credits speak volume for them having been featured in publications like Town and Country, In-Style, Marta Stewart's Weddings, New York Magazine, just to name a few.

When I started planning my wedding the most frequent advice I got from friends was not to cut corners on the photographer. A good, professional wedding photographer will come at high cost, particularly one based in Paris, but I think it’s worth sacrificing those lavender tablecloths that you think you will just die without for the benefit of true memories. Trust me, no one will remember the tablecloths but you will forever have your wedding day staring back at you from the photo album. Are we on the same page on this? Do you believe that the photographer should be a significant investment in your wedding plans?

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Stacy Reeves, owner of L'Amour de Paris, is another amazing photographer. She did our elopement pictures in Paris and they're perfect!! :-)

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