7 Amazing Wedding Photographers in Paris for Unforgettable Pictures ...

Every girl dreams of getting married in Paris, but when that dream comes true she wonders how she will ever find the right wedding photographers in Paris. Panic not, my ladies, my very own Parisian wedding is coming up in a few weeks and I just went through this exercise a couple of months ago. As a true believer in the saying "sharing is caring," and because I care about you having the wedding of your dreams, Iโ€™m here to report on my findings and hope to give you a starting point in your quest. Because let me tell you, there are quite a few amazing wedding photographers in Paris to choose from! Let me introduce you to a few.

1. One and Only Paris Photography

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**Website: **oneandonlyparisphotography.com

Heโ€™s American, sheโ€™s French, theyโ€™re married and live in the heart of Paris! How romantic is that for your wedding photographers in Paris? Anthony and Audrey met in 2003 in Madrid while Audrey was doing her undergrad internship at a movie and television production company. Anthony found his passion for photography in college and has since lived and practiced photography in New York, Madrid, Beijing, and now Paris with Audrey. He speaks English as a native, Spanish fluently, and I hear he can speak French slightly better than a four-year-old. She only loves chocolate and shoes as much as photography. How perfect are they?

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