All Brides-to-Be Need to do These Workouts before the Wedding ...


All Brides-to-Be Need to do These Workouts before the Wedding ...
All Brides-to-Be Need to do These Workouts before the Wedding ...

With just one more month till you say I do, there is so much you have to think about but on the forefront of your mind is how can you look your best? You have put in the time exercising and even bettered your nutrition choices so now let me share the fitness last-minutes you can do before your big day. And if you want to, do these exercises with your beloved; join forces to get fit together. With pre-wedding jitters, these exercises can help you to shed stress and even a few last pounds. So get up and get going with the exercises that as a certified trainer, I have trained countless brides-to-be to achieve fitness perfection.

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person, human action, sports, physical exercise, walking, Running is a great exercise for your body and mind. As a longtime runner, running countless miles and seeing many sights, brides can see so many benefits from running, especially when dealing pre wedding nerves. This will help you to shed pounds, de-stress and even have more energy!



person, human action, art, thigh, physical exercise, Plyometrics are seriously amazing for tightening, toning and even boosting your metabolism. Exercises like the jump squat can help you to get into bridal beauty perfection with toned legs and a tight core. So make sure you add this workout one to days per week and get in super fit bride status!



person, human action, emotion, romance, Dance your body slim with workouts like Zumba. These workouts can help you get in the dancing spirit of moving your hips for your big day. And if you feel like having a partner in crime for your workouts, ask the groom to join you. You can bond while getting a workout in. And get ready for a lifetime of dancing together!


Strength Moves

person, human action, sports, physical exercise, arm, Bodyweight exercises like lunges and pushups can help you to tone your body and feel so much stronger. So add these strength moves into your workouts and use this last month to really focus on giving it all you got!


Speed Walking

person, long distance running, e.sf, To relax your mind and tone your body without high impact, perform an hour of speed walking every day. A speed walk can help you to release the pre-wedding stress on your mind as your tone your total body!



person, human action, sports, yoga, human positions, Both yoga and pilates are super workouts to help declutter your mind of any stress, prevent an injury, and feel more at ease. With just one month till your wedding day you are likely on edge with nerves but I promise all shall pass. And to help ward off this stress, perform pilates and yoga exercises.



performing arts, dance, person, entertainment, human action, As a Bootcamp owner for nearly a decade, I am partial to this workout because it is usually geared towards weight loss and increasing everyday strength. Countless brides can benefit tremendously from this. So use the last month before your wedding to join forces with like-minded folks and a trainer leading the class, and get in your best shape!

So with one more month to go till you walk down the aisle to make a lifetime love commitment, it is now time to stop wishing and start doing. Go ahead and make your fit wedding dreams into a reality and get in your best shape. It all starts with you so when you wake up decide who you want to be. Then make choices that reflect this!

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