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Best Wedding Gowns Based on Your Zodiac ...

By Lucy

Just like your style and approach to fashion, your wedding dress says a lot about your personality! ❤️ 💕 💖

Keep reading to find out which style you should go for when it comes to your big day. It's your special moment so make every minute count! 👰 💍 💑 💒

1 Aries ♈️

wedding dress, white, clothing, dress, gown,Aries are known for being dare devils and strive to be original, which is why something super creative but sophisticated like a jumpsuit or a pantsuit is perfect for your big day!

2 Taurus ♉️

wedding dress, clothing, gown, bridal clothing, dress,Taurus ladies should opt for the off-the-shoulder trend that's so popular right now, since it's the perfect way to stay in style with a super feminine touch to your wedding dress! Guess I know what I'll be wearing on my big day 😍 😘 ❤️

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3 Gemini ♊️

wedding dress, dress, clothing, gown, bridal clothing,Gemini girls adore extravagance and decadence, so your wedding dress should be have ruffles or layers running down the sides to give it plenty of depth. Go hard or go home!

4 Cancer ♋️

wedding dress, dress, clothing, bridal clothing, gown,Cancer ladies love the simple but beautiful things in life, so opt for a wedding dress on the more traditional side with a super flattering sweetheart neckline!

5 Leo ♌️

wedding dress, clothing, bridal clothing, gown, dress,Leo ladies love to be in the spotlight and have all eyes on them, and since this is your moment to shine, go all out for a wedding dress with a beautiful flowing cape!

6 Virgo ♍️

wedding dress, dress, clothing, bride, woman,Virgo are known for having an eye for detail, so don't be afraid to go for intricate embroidery or lacework on your wedding dress. It will look breathtakingly beautiful!

7 Libra ♎️

wedding dress, dress, clothing, bridal clothing, gown,Libra ladies love anything that's super feminine and beautiful, so it's only fitting that you should opt for a dress with flowers or even delicate lace. Make your wedding dress one to remember!

8 Scorpio ♏️

woman, clothing, person, dress, wedding dress,Scorpio girls love to look super sexy, so a wedding dress with a dramatic open back (or very low back) or a semi-sheer style is right up your alley! This is a going to be a day to remember!

9 Sagittarius ♐️

wedding dress, dress, white, clothing, bridal accessory,Sagittarius are known for being having a calm and mindful approach to life, so why not go for a wedding dress with a loose skirt that flows delicately in the wind as you stroll down the beach afterwards to celebrate?

10 Capricorn ♑️

wedding dress, woman, clothing, dress, bridal clothing,Capricorn girls are super grounded and don't waste any time with frills or anything extra. You like to get to straight to the point, which is why a super simple yet classy dress is perfect for your big day!

11 Aquarius ♒️

wedding dress, white, clothing, dress, gown,Aquarius ladies love anything and everything eco-friendly, so a great approach to your big day is to wear a wedding dress made of sustainable materials. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs!

12 Pisces ♓️

wedding dress, dress, gown, clothing, bridal clothing,Pisces are known for being dreamy and super imaginative. You're a lover of nature and in particular, the ocean, so a soft and subtle waterfall effect is perfect for your wedding dress!

Which wedding dress styles do you love and adore? ❤️ 💕 💖

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