7 Wedding Related Facts Rarely Anyone Mentions ...


7 Wedding Related Facts Rarely Anyone Mentions ...
7 Wedding Related Facts Rarely Anyone Mentions ...

Wedding facts I’m going to lay out here are a result of some of my own observations and experiences as well as comments experienced married couples had after their wedding. And if you’re hoping to find a useful wedding tip nobody has told you before or appreciate a realistic approach and want to know exactly what to expect, I bet you’ll have fun reading this post on wedding tips and facts we don’t know much about before we tie the knot.

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First Wedding Night Isn’t All Fun & Games

In fact, most newlyweds agree the first wedding night was the least eventful one ever! I couldn’t agree more – I was like, “I’m going to brush my teeth and I’ll be back in a second” and he was sound asleep and snoring before I even had a chance to finish that sentence! LOL! I followed his lead of course and dove into bed three minutes later looking forward to a full night’s rest I craved for well over a week! Second wedding night as well as honeymoon will, in the other hand, give you a chance to put that fantastic set of bridal lingerie into a good use so remember this first of my wedding facts and don’t get sad or mad in case the wedding wears both of you down.


Everybody Wants to Be Involved

Okay, well this one of those wedding tips you might want to keep in mind and prepare yourself for the fact that everyone from your closest family members to pushy friends and cousins will have an opinion on how your wedding is supposed to look like. Some of them will be really considerate, they will keep your wishes and preferences in mind and try to come up with a nice constructive idea you may or may not want to take into account and others… well, there will always be a few who believe their taste (regardless of how tacky it might be) is so good that you absolutely MUST take it into account! Don’t freak out and always have a few polite ways to say no up your sleeve because you’re going to need them. Sure, a brutal approach is way more effective but it will also create unnecessary tension and give you a bad rep you absolutely don’t want.


It’s Exhausting

Planning a wedding, even a really tiny one is actually pretty exhausting! I’m sure that’s a wedding fact you’re already familiar with but I just had to mention it! I haven’t had a decent sleep for more than a week and my wedding was a tiny, intimate civil ceremony that included closest family members only! Can’t even imagine what’s going to happen in a year from now, when we finally do the church thing and throw a proper bash! You see, if you want to save by planning your own wedding, you’ll really have to be organized and get as much help as you can. Don’t leave it all for the last moment and if you’re supposed to organize everything on a short notice (like I had to), have a few easy, hassle-free solutions ready to pull out in case your plan A proves to be too difficult to follow through.


Nothing Really Changes That Much

All that wedding talk, movies and the oh-my-Gosh-you’re-getting-married gasps made me believe something really big is about to happen! I literally woke up every morning expecting to notice something different! What? Can’t say for sure but there was that inexplicable feeling of knowing something is about to happen and expecting it to happen. And guess what? Nothing! Nothing happened! Might not be the most useful wedding tip ever but it will sure help you hold it together and avoid wasting precious mental capacity. You’ll stay the same, your husband will stay the same and you’ll love each other and enjoy spending time together just as much and that, my ladies, is good left as is.


Something Will Go Wrong

From huge catastrophes (and my wedding cake melted so I know what I’m talking about) to tiny details we stressed out brides tend to blow out of proportions – unless you’re living a perfect life and have enough money to have an emergency crew to put down every tiny fire that breaks out, you’re bound to see something going off the course. That’s where a good SOS kit and a “calm down and count to 10” strategy come into place. And since I’ve been through all that there’s one useful wedding tip I have to give you and it goes like this – don’t let anything get to you so much that it ends up ruining your day! A drunken guest, a tiny stain and even a runny cake won’t really matter three days from now and if you let those things ruin your day and make you feel bad on your own wedding… well, you’ll remember that until the rest of your life.


Wedding is a Test

While a marriage is the closest thing to a compatibility and adaptability test there is, a wedding is a good opportunity to see who your close friends and “good” relatives are. I still haven’t thrown a big wedding bash so I can’t give you an example on why this wedding fact is so important but I do know many couples who say so. And once the whole thing is over, you’ll know exactly who is who and be able to single the ones who came to enjoy you being happy on your big day from the ones who came to eat, drink and gossip.


No Gift Policy is Completely Acceptable

And the last on my list of wedding facts is this – the “cash over presents” rule is actually more popular than you think which means that nobody will think badly of you in case you decide to use it as well. A staggering 50% of all the recent marriages I’ve heard of (read: have been invited to or discussed it with friends who attended) were the don’t-bring-us-presents types of weddings. Why not! Truth be told – most of our married friends wish they had been so bold to do it too because, according to them, exchanging all the doubled/tripled/unwanted gifts later on is really stressful and time-consuming.

So what’s the point of these wedding facts? Well, let’s say I’ve decided to write them down because I want you all to know that, as magical as it is, wedding day isn’t a movie. And guess what? All those little mishaps and downsides are what makes it so unique and fun. So get ready to face some bumps down the road, prepare yourself well and remember to have fun because that’s all that matters! Hope you’ll like these wedding tips and maybe throw in a couple of your own.

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