What Would You Rate Ashley Tisdale's Wedding Dress?

By Holly

What Would You Rate Ashley Tisdale's Wedding Dress?

According to this adorable post over at popsugar.com, Ashley Tisdale just celebrated her first anniversary with her hubby, Christopher French. In honor of the occasion, she posted pictures from her wedding day on her Instagram. The two are a sight for sore eyes. Look at how in love they are:
It's impossible to look at these photographs without cracking a smile. What would you rate Ashley's wedding dress? Would you wear one like it on your big day?

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8.5... 10 being the high of corse!

They're perfect!

I think the dress is beautiful! Ashley Tisdale is great, I remember her from Suite Life :)

Pretty good


It's beautiful

Wow I learn new things everyday...

WoW pretty

It's cute

It's absolutely beautiful and this is the first of a WEDDING I've heard



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