13 Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations ...

Not everybody wants their honeymoon to be an unusual honeymoon destination. With the stress of the wedding all over and done with, as newlyweds you want to go somewhere far away, to an exotic honeymoon destination. There are those though who are seeking something different, something or somewhere not so well known – they have an interest in unusual honeymoon destinations. For all those brides and grooms to be, who don’t know which destination to choose, here is a list of 8 Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations:

1. Hiddensee Island, Germany

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Trapped in time, without any evidence of a modern hand, this picturesque Baltic island will take you back in time. This small island only has allows 2 vehicles – bicycle or horse and cart, and apart from your own two feet, there is no way else to get around. Meander along the beachfront totally undisturbed, or tuck you and your loved one into a Strandkorb (a massive beach basket built for two) snuggle in and watch the waves with a nice bottle of bubbly.

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