8 Unique Engagement Ring Boxes for a Romantic Proposal ...

Finding the right unique engagement ring box is almost as important as finding the ideal engagement ring! I proposed to my girlfriend a few weeks ago (she said yes!) and I scoured the internet for the right unique engagement ring boxes for weeks before I popped the question. I wanted it to be different, special and … unique. If you guys are looking to be a little different, why not take a look at my top 8 original engagement ring boxes that look beautiful!

1. Hollowed out Book Ring Box

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This was actually the unique engagement ring box that I decided on. I took one of our favorite books, had it hollowed out by a great girl on Esty.com and I tied my ring inside of it. It was a great surprise and it's super sentimental. This is a great unique engagement ring box if you have a girlfriend who is obsessed with books!

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