7 Tips to Help Make Writing Thank You Cards Easier ...

By Alicia

7 Tips to Help Make Writing Thank You Cards Easier ...

Writing thank you cards does not usually make the list of anyone’s favorite activities, but there are ways to make this chore a lot easier to handle. A lot of the reason we dislike this task so much is because it can be a bit difficult. We don’t know what to say and we get confused over what gift everyone sent or where to mail the thank you card. These 7 tips will help to make writing thank you cards easier for you.

Table of contents:

  1. do them in a prompt manner
  2. keep a list of your gifts
  3. keep your invitation list
  4. name the item and what you love about it
  5. don’t rush through them
  6. have hubby help
  7. do something fun while you tackle the task

1 Do Them in a Prompt Manner

One of the best tips to writing thank you cards is do them in a prompt manner. There are some good reasons for this. For you, it gets it done and out of the way. You won’t have to keep dreading this chore. Your guests will also appreciate receiving a card promptly.

2 Keep a List of Your Gifts

Writing thank you cards is going to be a much easier chore if you keep a list of your gifts and which guest they came from. There is nothing worse than sitting down to write thank you cards and having no idea who sent what gift. You are in the dark and it will show in your cards. It takes a bit of time to keep a detailed list of your gifts but you will thank yourself later.

3 Keep Your Invitation List

Keep your invitation list to your wedding. You will use it later when you are getting ready to address thank you cards. It is awful to write a thank you card and have no idea where to send it to. Having the addresses at your fingertips makes this chore much easier. It cuts your time in half, too.

4 Name the Item and What You Love about It

Your thank you card recipient will love you for this. Naming the item they got you lets them know that you noticed their gift and the fact that they got it for you. Try to also say something you love about the item. It can be that you love the color of it or that you know it will make a beautiful addition to your home. The goal is to compliment the gift in some way. It also helps you to fill up the card nicely.

5 Don’t Rush through Them

If you rush through your thank you cards you are more likely to have mistakes in them. Your handwriting is also more likely to be messy which does not make for a nice thank you card. I know that thank you cards are not a lot of fun to do, but taking your time is actually helpful. It saves you from having to go back to redo ones you made mistakes on.

6 Have Hubby Help

If you can, involve your husband in the chore of writing thank you cards. Let him help you. It can be something you do together. A good idea would be to split them up and let him write them for his friends and family members while you do yours. It cuts the task in half for you.

7 Do Something Fun While You Tackle the Task

Doing something fun while you tackle this task can help it to be not so bad. Maybe you could watch a favorite movie or enjoy takeout while you work on thank you cards. It just kind of lightens the mood for you. You might even have a girlfriend come over to keep you company while you work. Whatever adds a bit of fun is what you are looking for here.

These are some tips to help make writing thank you cards easier for you. What can you add to this? Do you have any tips that might help?

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