9 Hot Trends for Weddings in 2015 ...

By Alicia

Are you dying to know the wedding trends 2015 is heralding in? There's a lot of new trends but there're also some current trends that aren't going anywhere anytime soon. One thing's for certain; 2015 is sure to be a year of beautiful weddings. Here's a little peek into the wedding trends 2015 is going to bring. I hope you enjoy the look ahead.

1 Yellow Gold's Making a Comeback

Yellow Gold's Making a Comeback Yes, you read that right. In the list of wedding trends 2015 is bringing, yellow gold is making a comeback in engagement and wedding rings. Gold was out of the loop for about a decade but it's quickly becoming popular again. Also rising in popularity is the beautiful rose gold as a choice for engagement rings.

2 Full Floral Bouquets

Full Floral Bouquets Expect bouquets to be full of flowers in 2015. Think more flowers and less fillers. Expect to see less ribbons and greenery in bouquets. Roses will be a popular choice as will peonies and hydrangeas.

3 A New Color Scheme

A New Color Scheme The colors of 2015 will have a muted feel. Pale peach and light aqua are going to be popular as well as the neutrals of ivory and gray. These understated colors won't demand attention and will allow the beauty of the wedding as a whole to be enjoyed.

4 Intricate Wedding Invitations

Intricate Wedding Invitations 2015 is not the year of simplicity in wedding invitations. Expect them to be intricate with various adornments. Ribbons, crystals, metallic details and more could all be part of a wedding invitation. One thing's for sure; all of these details produce beautiful results.

5 Off the Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Off the Shoulder Wedding Dresses Wedding dresses are always one of the best parts to enjoy of the changing trends. It won't be any different in 2015. There are several different trends new to wedding dresses but the one that stands out the most is the off the shoulder wedding dress. This lovely, feminine style is predicted to be very popular.

6 A Choice in Desserts

A Choice in Desserts While there'll still be a traditional wedding cake at the weddings of 2015, it won't be the only dessert available. Weddings of 2015 will offer a wider variety in dessert choices. Gourmet cupcakes, ice cream sundaes and decadent brownies could all claim a place at the dessert table.

7 Have Fun in a Photo Booth

Have Fun in a Photo Booth Photo booths are growing very popular at weddings. The wedding couple don't want to be the only ones to enjoy pictures of themselves on their special day. They want you to have that opportunity, too. A photo booth is fun way you can have pictures of yourself enjoying the day. It's a wonderful memory keepsake.

8 Rustic Isn't Going Anywhere

Rustic Isn't Going Anywhere Rustic weddings have grown very popular in recent years and that isn't expected to change anytime soon. The comfortable feel of rustic weddings makes them something everyone loves to attend. There are many fun ideas that can be incorporated in this type of wedding.

9 Metallic Accents in Decorations

Metallic Accents in Decorations You can expect to see metallic accents in wedding decorations in 2015. They mix beautifully with the color schemes that are expected to be popular, too. The metallic accents and soft colors make a lovely combination. You could see metallic accents show up in the flowers, the table decorations or even on the wedding cake.

These are some of the wedding trends you can expect to see in 2015. Which ones do you plan to use in your wedding? I'd love to hear from you.

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