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9 Creative Ways to Plan a French-themed Engagement Party ...

By Cassandra

Whether you are French or an enthusiastic francophile, you will surely get a kick out of these creative ways to plan a French-themed engagement party! You can always go the traditional route and book a venue in one of the popular tourist destinations in France. However, the best way to be kind to your wallet and save money for your actual wedding is by calling inspiration from this beautiful country instead. This list of ideas for a French-themed engagement party will keep you in tune with your inventive and travel-savvy side!

1 An Ode to Love Locks

Inspired by one of the most popular tourist attractions in France, I am starting off this list of ways to plan a French-themed engagement party with one of my favorite quirks. People from all over the world visit the Pont des Arts and Pont de l'Archevêché in France to celebrate their love by placing a lock engraved with their names onto the 'love lock' bridges. You can use engraved locks as decorations or as nifty favors to remind your guests of your love; just make sure to throw away the key!

2 Au Cafe

One of the easiest ways to add a French-element to your engagement party is to host it at a very cute and chic café. Depending on the size of your guest list, this may work in your favor budget-wise, as there are many inexpensive cafés both stateside and around the world!


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3 Wine Country

For your assorted drinks menu, it would be a great idea to offer either a diverse selection of exquisite wines or just your favorite brands. This not only caters to the differing tastes of your guests, it automatically adds a sophisticated element to the overall environment of the party.

4 Eiffel Tower Centerpieces

Incorporating the famous Eiffel Tower landmark into your decorative scheme will lend a French aura to your festivities. Eiffel Tower paperweights have the advantage of doubling as centerpieces and as a fun way to secure your balloons!

5 Les Macarons

This list would not be complete without mentioning these sweet pastel-colored pastries. One of my all-time favorite desserts, macarons have steadily become a staple in the homes of Americans. Placing these in mini gift boxes with a ribbon tying them to the love locks is sure to have your guests impressed by your authenticity and attention to details!

6 Dessert Bar

Instead of just having the delicious macarons at hand, you can take it a step further and have your very own dessert bar! Have your guests leave full and delighted on savory French treats such as vanilla Crème Brûlée, tarte tatin, lemon soufflés, and an assortment of crêpes.

7 Fleur-De-Lis

Nothing screams 'fashionable' more than fleur-de-lis dinnerware. Using it in a black and white design is sure to accent your overall color scheme and make your plate settings pop! The best part about this fancy design is that it comes on a variety of dinner sets, porcelain and plastic alike!

8 Red, White and Black

It seems that these three colors are a la mode in the fashion district. Simple apart yet dashing when placed together, incorporating these colors into your look for the night will be sure to turn heads! What better way is there to celebrate France than to incorporate at least two of the patriotic colors of the flag?

9 Invitation

Having an awesome invitation is the coolest way to tie all of the elements of your party together. I would go for a more rustic vibe to give your overall party a 'countryside' feeling. A creative way to do so is to incorporate a French phrase that describes you and your partner onto your floral (or black and white) invitations. There's a reason why French is known as the language of love!

Because of my French heritage, I find myself excited at the thought of these French-inspired items. Having a French-themed engagement party should not seem like a daunting task. With the right amount of care and planning, you are sure to host an event that celebrates the love you share with your significant other - the most important point of the day! What are some French-inspired traditions that you would like to incorporate into your own party or wedding?

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