7 Tips on What to Bring to Your Wedding Dress Fitting ...


Knowing just what to bring to your wedding dress fitting can be the difference between a fun experience and one that’s totally stressful. Whether you’re having alterations done at the boutique where you purchased your dress or are hiring a private seamstress, bringing along the right set of tools can help make things easier for everyone involved. Stumped about exactly what to bring to your wedding dress fitting? These quick and easy tips are guaranteed to have you out the door and on your way in no time!

1. Your Wedding Day Lingerie

Topping the list of what to bring to your wedding dress fitting is, of course, your lingerie. From panties to shapewear to crinolines, the right lingerie can definitely enhance the look and feel of a wedding gown. Many bridal consultants will help advise you about which types of lingerie are the best match when selling you your gown, and some salons even have certain items available for sale in-house, allowing you to see how well they work with the dress before you buy.

Your Shoes
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