4. Be Realistic with Your Bouquet

There are many types of bouquets for the bride. Fresh flowers are always gorgeous and they hold up reasonably well as long as they are properly conditioned. It is important to be realistic in your choices. Roses in an arrangement on a hot day or a frigid day may get nipped or may droop. Cala lilies are gorgeous, but bear in mind that those huge stems are liquid filled and drip down onto the most gorgeous of gowns. In a bouquet you can escape that because they are well seated in foam leaving your dress more protected.

Another option is the brooch bouquet. These can be beautiful, clear and sparkling or an array of favorite colors. A dear friend celebrating forty years of marriage renewed her vows. Imagine how special it was when we collected brooches from all her friends and family and she carried all those family treasures to the altar.

The Cake Topper Can Be Pretty Much Anything
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