7 Stunning Summer Wedding Themes for an Unforgettable Day ...


If you’re planning to say your “I Dos” between the months of June and August (or even May through early September,) you may be contemplating some good summer wedding themes.

There are so many fantastic themes that can be pulled off during this fun, whimsical, romantic and inspiring season.

All you need is a little creativity to find think of some unforgettable summer wedding themes.

1. Beachside


One of the easiest summer wedding themes to pull off is a beachside theme.

This season is all about the beach, so it makes sense to bring this theme to life at a wedding.

In order to pull it off, think beach-inspired colors, light and airy textures and elements that speak to the beach.

For instance, centerpieces could incorporate seashells, sea glass and sand, or you could wear a sheath dress and your husband-to-be could wear a linen suit.

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