9 Popular Myths about Marriage That Aren't True ...


Certain myths about marriage that we all know about can influence the way we think our future will look like next to the one we love, but many of these myths aren’t actually true, and this is why in this article, I would like to disprove a few popular and most common myths about marriage. Before getting married, each person tries to imagine the way his or her life would change after this big step, and many people get disappointed in their first years of marriage because they realize that what they imagined was far from reality. It’s not wrong to want certain things in life or from your relationship, yet, you must be aware of the fact that things often change and that people evolve and you should not be disappointed if they are not as you imagined them to be. Things could be different, yet different could be also good or even much better!

1. The Only Ingredient for a Happy Marriage is Love

One of the most common myths about marriage refers to the fact that you only need love in order to have a long, happy married life. This statement couldn’t be more wrong! For a marriage to work, besides all the love, you also need a lot of other things, like patience, empathy, care, consideration, tact and a lot of other qualities that you either have or you either develop along the way. A marriage takes a lot of work and unfortunately, love isn’t enough to make things work out... you also need to put a little effort into it.

Once You Get Married, You Don’t Evolve Anymore
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