23 Rustic Wedding Cakes to Complement Your Theme ...


Now that you have started planning your rustic wedding theme with details of mason jars, birch wood, and a barn reception, you'll want to think about the design of your rustic wedding cake and how it will complement your theme.

If you are planning a fall wedding, pumpkins and leaves will look perfect or perhaps pine cones and greens for a winter wedding.

No matter the season, choose one of these 23 Rustic Wedding Cakes to Complement Your Theme and impress your guests...

1. Rustic Tree Wedding Cake

Rustic Tree Wedding Cake

Just because you are planning a rustic wedding theme doesn't mean you have to be in the backwoods or in a barn, this amazing tree bark wedding cake belonged to a couple who were married right outside downtown Seattle at a cool rustic, urban venue called Sodo Park.2

Their rustic wedding cake helped to pull together and complement their rustic theme by bringing the outdoors inside to a re-purposed factory in the city.

2. Birch Wood Rustic Wedding Cake

Birch Wood Rustic Wedding Cake

Birch wood is a big trend in many rustic weddings with centerpieces, invitations, ring pillows, and favors centered around this beautiful detail.

What I love about birch wood rustic wedding cakes is how simple yet chic they are with intricate details like the "carved" heart on this gorgeous rustic wedding cake.

3. Succulent Rustic Wedding Cake

Succulent Rustic Wedding Cake

Succulents are one of my favorite rustic wedding details that have shown up every where since this wedding trend kicked off.

If you have them in your rustic bouquet why not plant them on your rustic wedding cake as well!2

Not only is this a cool cake, but how amazing is the tree stump cake stand...love!

4. Up in the Trees Rustic Wedding Cake

Up in the Trees Rustic Wedding Cake

Speaking of rustic cake stands, this wood tree slice is custom made by Etsy shop Postscripts and is perfect for a rustic wedding cake like this one that is covered with tree branches, birds, and pine cones.

The details of this darling cake make you feel like you are up in the trees among the birds, dancing and enjoying the beautiful view from the top.2

Bird's Nest Rustic Wedding Cake
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