20 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding ...


Even though the concept of a stress free wedding may seem like fantasy, it is not impossible.

As much as you’re looking forward to your big day, you just know your extensive and meticulous plans are never going to guarantee a stress free wedding.

For all of those couples who are looking for ways to make their day be as special as in their dreams, here are 20 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding:

1. Decide What You Want as a Couple

Sit down together once you start your stress free wedding planning and discuss both of your ideas of what kind of event you would like.

Are you going to go with a formal ceremony, a beach wedding, a large reception, a live band or are you just going to elope?

(The best advice you will ever get is to elope.) Whatever you choose, go to your planner with a firm idea in your head;

don’t start umming and ahhhing about it 3 months down the line.

Pick Your Venue First
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