9 Creative Wedding Garter Ideas ...


Wearing a garter is a classic wedding tradition, and with the help of these nine creative wedding garter ideas, you can be sure to surprise your groom with something fun and personalized.

From garters featuring military emblems and sports logos to steel flasks and peacock feathers, the possibilities are practically endless.

Plus, even if your wedding has a formal and classic vibe, your garter is a great place to add a small touch of playfulness.2

Searching for the best design to suit your style?

Check out some of my all-time favorite wedding garter ideas.

1. Vintage Design

Vintage Design

Since vintage weddings continue to be a hot trend, it only makes sense that there are a seemingly limitless number of vintage wedding garter styles to choose from.2

I particularly love ones that feature delicate details like the lace, pearls and roses seen here.

Including a special touch of “something blue” is also one of the most popular and beloved wedding garter ideas.

2. Military Emblem

Military Emblem

When your groom is in the military, why not honor that service with a themed garter featuring the emblem specific to his branch?2

The one seen here symbolizes the U.S.

Navy, and you can also find garters showcasing the emblems of the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard.

3. Sports Theme

Sports Theme

Show some team spirit by choosing a garter that features the colors and logo of your guy’s favorite team.

I’ve even seen especially creative “house divided” styles that honor a couple’s favorite rivals!

4. Job or Hobby Theme

Job or Hobby Theme

I just love this red-and-white fire engine garter and have also seen similarly unique designs perfect for brides marrying police officers, musicians, NASCAR lovers and more.

Which job or hobby best represents your guy?

5. Holiday Colors

Holiday Colors

Is your wedding taking place on or around a specific holiday, such as Christmas or Halloween?3

Even if your actual wedding theme doesn’t revolve around the holiday, including its colors or symbols on your garter is a fun way to celebrate the season.

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