18 Smart Ways to Cut Costs for Your Wedding ...


Learning the ways to cut costs for a wedding is not always an approachable subject. Cutting costs doesnโ€™t mean you'll end up with something that looks like a DIY wedding, nor does your ceremony have to feel like that. Sometimes couples can get so lost in the plans that they forget about the true meaning of a wedding. Guests want to come and share in your love story, everything else is just a bonus. Design and create your wedding to be a story of you, not of what people traditionally do. Live outside the box, have fun and take some inspiration from these 18 simple ways to cut costs on your wedding budget.

1. Design Your Own Stationary

Stationary is something I bet you never thought would put such a huge dent in your budget. Iโ€™ve seen it run some brides an easy $1,500, or all the way up to $3,000. However, know that you can easily design your own. With a little online browsing for inspiration and script, you are well on your way to designer invitations at a fraction of the cost. Just be sure to spend the money on having them printed professionally. Paper can really be the โ€˜make it or break itโ€™ factor in looking designer; however, when done right, this is one of the great ways to cut costs for a wedding.

Make Your Own Favors
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