21 Rustic Wedding Centerpiece Ideas...


Rustic Weddings are trending more than ever and rustic wedding centerpieces help the theme flow right from the ceremony to the reception.

You normally don't think wedding when you see jars, terrariums, branches, and birdcages, but dress them up, drop in some flowers and you have yourself one creative centerpiece.

Whether on a budget, following the trend, or just looking for DIY decor ideas take a look at these 21 rustic wedding centerpiece ideas and you may be surprised...

Creative Rustic Wedding Centerpieces...

1. Rustic Pretty Little Jars

Rustic Pretty Little Jars

A simple idea with a beautiful result.

Shop at your local thrift, hardware, and fabric stores for this easy DIY rustic centerpiece that will complement your creative skills as well as your wedding theme.

Mix it up with tea lights, a few floral stems or unique pieces like buttons, candy, or fruit.

Have you found any pretty little jars for your centerpieces?

2. Rustic Window Box

Rustic Window Box

I would have never thought to put together a window box for a centerpiece, but now I can't stop thinking about how many unique arrangements you can make with it.

The mixture of flowers and succulents brings a soft touch to this rustic centerpiece that would work for an indoor or outdoor reception.

3. Rustic Terrarium

Rustic Terrarium

A little sand, a little dirt, a handful of rocks and succulents in a fish bowl and you have yourself a terrarium and a rustic centerpiece!

The great thing about DIY centerpieces is that you have the option of sharing them with your guests as wedding favors and with favors like a plant you won't have to worry that they will just toss it aside!

4. Rustic Bell Jar

Rustic Bell Jar

Don't just use any old jar for your rustic centerpieces, use a bell jar that can be filled with anything from flowers and plants to old books and papers.2

To give them more of a rustic feel set your book filled bell jars on a bark platform to tie in that outdoor, country feel.

Rustic & Vintage Water Pitcher
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