Top 10 Most Romantic Wedding Photo Ideas ...


Pictures are a great way to remember your wedding, so posted below are some romantic wedding photo ideas for you to try.

It is essential to capture the most romantic moments of your wedding and these shots do just that!

These romantic wedding photo ideas will surely showcase the love between you and your future spouse!2

1. I Can't Live without You

I Can't Live without You

This is one of the best romantic wedding photo ideas I have ever come across because it depicts the essence of true love.

The way the man is clinging to her and holding her close to him indicate the fact that he doesn't want to let her go.

He's holding her securely and lovingly.

Try to capture a shot like this at your wedding.

It's definitely not one that should be posed;

it should be genuine and candid!

2. A Nontraditional Pose

A Nontraditional Pose

This time, this shot isn't candid.

Do something different than a typical pose.

Maybe he can give you an upside down kiss!

Or jump into the arms of your spouse and give him a kiss.

It's adorable, tender and oh so delicately romantic!2

3. Your Own Secret Spot

Your Own Secret Spot

The fact that the couple is hidden behind the bride's veil gives a subtly romantic and intimate feeling to the piece.

The fact that they are all alone, just the two of them, in a space all their own is essential!

4. Into the Sun

Into the Sun

Tell your photographer to shoot into the sun.2

Not directly, but slightly.

It'll create a nice silhouette and beautiful angle to your photo (like this one!).

5. Aww


I love this photo!

It's just so darn cute!

A photo to make your guests (and you!) say "Aww!" is an absolute must!

Whether your spouse is kissing your nose, holding your hand or doing some other cute act, make sure you capture the moment!

I love that the husband in this photo draped his jacket over his wife's shoulders.

It's so gentleman-like!

Oooh La La!
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