7 Invaluable Wedding Vow Tips That Will Help You Write Your Own ...


Wedding vow tips are easy to come by.

Everyone has an input on what you should say, whether you should include song lyrics, which words are allowed.

Should a woman really offer to ‘obey’ in the 21st Century?!

If you are actually looking for tips on how to pen your own vows, though, advice can be hard to come by.2

So here are the wedding vow tips I’ve collected over the last few weeks – and can guarantee that they are worth thinking about!

1. Take Some Time…

One of the best wedding vow tips is to start on your own, and take some time to think.

Start making your own notes, and thinking about what you want to say.

It’s a lot more intimate and personal if your vows are individual to you, and a lot less cringe-y, too.

Even if you get together to analyse them later, start off on your own.

Why Them?
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