8 Unusual Ways to Display Wedding Table Numbers ...


Everyone wants their wedding to be something that lives long in the memory.

Many brides are looking for something other than just a bog standard ceremony, adding in those special details that make it stand out.

Wedding table numbers are one of the things where a bride can really let he imagination run riot.

When budgets are tight, fun and interesting wedding table numbers can be cheap, yet also make a statement that expensive store bought decorations don’t.

Here are 8 Unusual Ways to Display Wedding Table Numbers:

1. Wine Bottles

Well actually, any clear glass bottle will do.2

Use the body of the bottle to display the wedding table numbers.

You can use stick on numbers of any sort, paint, even glue and glitter.

To take it one step further - fill the bottles with water tinted to match your color theme using food coloring.

2. House Number Tiles

Ceramic tiles painted with house numbers are readily available in DIY and home stores.

There’s a good range of styles so there should be ones suitable to use as wedding table numbers whether you’re having a rustic themed wedding or an incredibly elegant do.

Larger sized tiles can be held on plate stands.

With smaller ones you will need to use your imagination to elevate them from table level.

3. Pebbles

If you are having a garden or beach ceremony and the theme is carried through to your reception area, smooth pebbles make an excellent and unusual choice for wedding table numbers.

Create the numbers with enamel paint or again, glue and glitter.

Make sure the pebbles are smooth though.

4. Chair Tags

This will only work if you have chairs that do not have solid backs, so check your venue seating before deciding to use chair tags to display your wedding table numbers.2

You can really go to town on this one.

They can be as large or small as you want them to be.

All manner of materials can be used from luggage tags to your own printed sheets.

Create the numbers from anything you like to from beautifully calligraphy to stick ons.

Beautiful ribbons or simple string mean the tag can swing gracefully from a chair finial or open slat.

You can even include the guest name.

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