7 Tips for Writing a Wedding Toast That Will Be Remembered Forever ...


If your best friend, brother, sister or co-worker is getting hitched and you’ve been asked to write the wedding toast, then be sure to brush up on some tips for writing a wedding toast before you take the plunge.

A woman’s wedding is one of the most important, if not the most important, days of her life.

She wants it to be perfect, and wants the wedding toast to be incredibly memorable.

Can you blame her?

We all want a great wedding toast and hope it doesn’t end in someone getting offended, going on for an hour, or being boring.

Check out these amazing tips for writing a wedding toast and you’ll be perfectly polished in time for the big day.

1. Be Yourself

One of the most important tips for writing a wedding toast is to be yourself.

Maybe you went to a wedding once that had the most incredibly memorable speech.

Don’t try to copycat that type of speech if it isn’t your style.

If you’re not a good comedian, don’t try to be one.

If you aren’t the super-serious type, don’t try to be dramatic and make everyone cry.

The bride asked you to write the speech because she likes you for you.

Be sure you deliver that in your speech.

Don’t Be Rude
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