4 Amazing Wedding Shots You Need to See!

We browse wedding blogs and magazines hoping to find the inspiration we need for own wedding day. Sometimes it's the little details like the flower in her hair, or the rustic tin can centerpiece that sparks our imagination. Other times it's the big picture that grabs our attention, like these** 4 amazing wedding shots** from JPG Photography that just took my breath away...

4. There's a Shark in the Water...

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Photo: PhiladelphiaPhotoJournalism.com

OK so they're not in the water with the sharks, but you have to admit this wedding shot is pretty amazing! The JPG photographercaptured this breathtaking shot at theNJ Adventure Aquarium at the perfect moment. The bride and groom will always remember their unique venue and the wonderful memories they shared. Not everyone can say they kissed in front of four sharks on their wedding day!

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