8 Special Ways to Honor Mom at Your Wedding ...


While you and your fiancé will surely be the main ones in the spotlight, there are also plenty of wonderful ways to honor mom at your wedding, along with your fiancé’s mother and any other amazing women in your life.

Want to help make mom a special part of your celebration?

From walking down the aisle together to preparing a special corsage with her favorite flowers, here are eight great ways to honor mom at your wedding that are sure to bring a smile to her face and help you create incredible memories together.

1. Walk down the Aisle Together

Who says dad gets to have all the fun?

Even though walking down the aisle with your father or another special man, such as a brother or grandfather, has long been a beloved tradition, many brides are now also including mom, as well.

Whether your mother joins you and someone else or walks you down the aisle on her own, sharing this heartfelt moment is by far one of the best ways to honor mom at your wedding.

2. Have a Rose Presentation

Whether or not your mom walks you down the aisle, giving her a rose or other special flower she loves at the start of or during the ceremony is yet another thoughtful way to honor her.

Several years ago, a bride told me she had asked her florist to tuck two loose stems of roses into her bouquet, which she then pulled out and presented to her own mom and new mother-in-law.2

As you can imagine, there was definitely a need to break out the tissues!

3. Give Her a Special Corsage

It’s customary to give your mother a corsage to wear during the wedding, so why not make the gesture extra special?

Instead of having your mom’s corsage created to match the flowers in your bouquet or your bridesmaids’, surprise her with a personalized corsage made with her favorite flower or even the type she carried on her own wedding day.

Doing this for mom and other special ladies, like your mother-in-law and grandmothers, will let them know just how much you value their love and support.

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