7 Heartfelt Wedding Memorial Ideas ...


As hard as it is to acknowledge that beloved family members and friends canโ€™t be with you to celebrate, there are many heartfelt wedding memorial ideas that can help you honor them.

From setting up a memory table to affixing a lovely photo charm to your bouquet, here are seven wedding memorial ideas sure to help you remember that these special people are and always will be present in spirit.

1. Memory Table

Memory Table

By far one of the most popular wedding memorial ideas, setting up a memory table featuring pictures of your departed loved ones is a wonderful way to honor their unforgettable role in your lives.

Candles, flowers and even special quotes or messages always make nice additions to the display.

2. Memorial Candles

Memorial Candles

Do you love the memory table idea and plan to set one up?

As a beautiful addition, you can consider having special candles made that include loved ones' names and even a few favorite sayings or poems that make you think of them.

These will look beautiful displayed alongside framed photos, and some couples might also want to include a candle-lighting service during the ceremony.

Memorial candles come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to choose the ones that best represent those you wish to remember.

3. Slideshow Images

Slideshow Images

If youโ€™re planning to feature a slideshow during your reception, be sure to include a few photos commemorating the times you shared with departed family members and friends.

You might also consider including a designated slide toward the end that lists the names of those you wish to honor.

4. Bouquet Charms

Bouquet Charms

When a beloved relative, such as a parent or grandparent, canโ€™t be with you, itโ€™s especially nice to attach one or several photo charms to your bouquet to help honor their memory.

Of course, charms donโ€™t always have to be hung from your bouquet, either, and can also be affixed to other items like handkerchiefs, bracelets and even the backs of your shoes, allowing your loved ones to symbolically walk you down the aisle.

Special Accessories
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