4 Ways to Be Inspired by Wedding Balloons ...

Balloons make us smile and take us back to happy childhood memories. They're fun, bright, and can make any room pop with color. Find your happy decor with these **4 ways to be inspired by wedding balloons **and remember all the smiles you put on all your guests!

4. Red Balloons on Parade...

Photos: StyleMePretty.com

Valentine's Day is next month so that means we'll be seeing many red hearts from now until then. Celebrate the sweet holiday with a red heart wedding with an adorable flower girl in a red sash dress** and a ride for two on a red bicycle. I love these red heart balloons** for any wedding day, but they just make perfect sense for your Valentine's Day Wedding decor. **Will there be **red balloons on parade for your big day?

3. Cotton Candy Carnival...

Balloon Photo: MarthaStewartWeddings.com

Planning a fun, carefree, carnival theme wedding? Let this bright yellow, orange, and pink** inspiration board** guide you to a wedding day full of smiles. Put together a candy dessert bar, grab some pink cotton candy, dress your two adorable flower girls in tutus, and fill your reception with balloons matching your wedding colors. What color are the balloons for your wedding reception?

2. A Walk down the Aisle...

Photos: StyleMePretty.com
Balloon Photo: TheKnottyBride.com

We usually find flowers, candles, petals, or lanterns as the bride walks down the aisle to meet her handsome husband-to-be. But you can't deny how unique and cool this** balloon wedding aisle** looks! I love how the balloons blend in with the white background but also stand out on their own. It's simple and offbeat, but oh so beautiful. What details will be along your** wedding aisle**?

1. Classy Elegance...

Photos: StyleMePretty.com
Balloon Photo: MarthaStewartWeddings.com

Wedding Balloons aren't just for carnival and Valentine's Day themed weddings. When photographed in the right setting and put with the right decor wedding balloons can be classy and elegant. Have your photographer shoot your white balloons in black & white for a classy bridal portrait. I just picture an Audrey Hepburn movie every time I see this beautiful bride holding her white balloons. Add a **touch of elegance **to your reception with white roses and white feathers and your guests will have dreams of Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Are you planning a wedding day filled with balloons?

Top Photo: StyleMePretty.com

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