10 Wonderful Castles for Romantic Weddings ...


If you dream of being a princess bride, you probably should be looking at castle weddings.

Where better to live the dream than in a fairy tale castle?

Incredibly romantic and with a sense of the dramatic and historic, castle weddings are an event to remember for so many reasons.

Come with me as we coo over some fabulous castles for weddings.

1. Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

The UK has more than its fair share of venues for castle weddings than anywhere else and some of the best are in Scotland, where the wild ruggedness of the landscape is the perfect backdrop.

Dalhousie Castle is an idyllic medieval pile, full of romance and history which includes having played host to royalty including Edward I and Mary Queen of Scots.

Set in a riverside pasture and surrounded by forest, it is also only a very short distance from Edinburgh – a fantastic destination for a honeymoon.2

(And, you can even have your wedding ring delivered by an owl!)

2. The Artist’s Castle, France

The Artist’s Castle, France

Do you dream of wedding castles by the sea?2

Here’s the perfect answer.

Located in beautiful Cannes on the French Riviera, The Artist’s Castle dates back to the 14th century and couldn’t get any closer to the sea, on a site first settled by the Romans 2,000 years ago.

The magnificent building includes two towers, fortified walls, tall ramparts, a turreted gatehouse and terraces with a sea view.

Photographs are taken in manicured formal gardens among the fountains and topiary.

3. Civitella Ranieri, Italy

Civitella Ranieri, Italy

Castle weddings in Italy are slightly different to elsewhere.

If you are having a catholic service, you have to get married in a church and have the reception in your chosen castle.

Protestant weddings and civil partnerships can take place in a castle (or any other licensed venue).

A superb location for weddings in Italy is Civitella Ranieri, a massive 13th century castle in the heart of Chianti country in Tuscany (close to Siena and Florence).

Elegant and exclusive, Ranieri has delicious interior décor, superb grounds and fabulous views of the magnificent countryside.

Ashford Castle, Ireland
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