7 Wedding Items Worth Splurging on ...


Saving money is a top goal for many soon-to-wed couples, but there are definitely some wedding items worth splurging on!

While you should of course never go into debt or get caught up in a total spending frenzy, allowing yourself a splurge or two just might help make your wedding day even more fun and memorable.

Here’s a quick look at a few of my favorite wedding items worth splurging on.

1. A Photo Booth

Without a doubt, one of the most fun wedding items worth splurging on is a photo booth setup during your cocktail hour and reception.

Over the years, I’ve met couples who have regretted not having a photo booth, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who had one and thought it was a waste of money.2

Photo booths add an extra fun touch for your guests, and the offbeat pictures will always remind you just how much of a blast your wedding day was.

Professional Videography
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