7 Benefits of Being a Bridesmaid ...


7 Benefits of Being a Bridesmaid ...
7 Benefits of Being a Bridesmaid ...

Believe it or not dolls, I can think of the benefits of being a bridesmaid. With us singles surviving another Valentine’s Day, dealing with someone's wedding is probably the last thing you want to think about. But if your friend got engaged over the 14th of February there is a chance that you’ll be asked to join the bridal party, so learn the seven benefits of being a bridesmaid.

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Learn What Not to do

What could be deemed the best of the benefits of being a bridesmaid is the free course on what not to do on the big day. Is your bride an annoying ‘zilla? Does she really need all the table cloths, napkins and menus to match perfectly? Don’t get me started on the food.


Make It a Party

Between the showering of gifts (read: a relaxing spa day perhaps?) and the bachelorette or "one last time" celebratory night, you have a year of partying to look forward to. Put on your best dress and heels and have a ball! Remember, if you’re still single you don’t have a curfew. Ha!


Discover a New Career Path

Many people find a passion for event planning, flower arranging and/or fashion design when they become involved with weddings. Perhaps your foot in the door as a bridesmaid will help you to fulfill a dream of a new, exciting career. Cheers to pressing the rest button!


Make No More Commitments after the Wedding

After the "I dos," you no longer have to, at least not for the bride. Unlike your blissful bride friend, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life committed to anyone else. Just be there for her for the months leading up to the wedding, then bail!


Get Pretty

The wedding is a great excuse to get your makeup and hair done, too. Try up-do styles that you’ve never donned before. Find make-up trends in magazines, on Pinterest and YouTube. Go all out with your cute self, but don’t upstage the bride, if you can help it; it’s still her day, honey.


Meet New People

The wedding gives you a chance to be your single self and meet as many of your bride’s male cousins (or female cousins, hey!) as you can take. Being single does not have to be a lonely journey during your stint as a bridesmaid. Groomsmen in tuxes are quite sexy, too, by the way. I’m just sayin’!


Practice for Your Own Big Day

Suppose a walk down the aisle is in your future. Congratulations! Learn how much things costs, collect do-it-yourself tips and know what’s really important in wedding planning. In case you get married one day, you’ll already know what to expect before you spend a dime. With a behind-the-scenes-look at all things wedding, you’ll become a better bride than your friend!

Don’t let the phrase "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" keep you from taking advantage of the benefits of being a bridesmaid. It will keep you from losing your sanity, and who knows, you just might meet your Mr. Right, right away during the reception. Wedding season is coming, so share some more benefits to being a bridesmaid in the comments. The brides can’t go ‘round having all of the fun this year!

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