7 Totally Extravagant Weddings of the past ...


Extravagant weddings are really something! These days it can cost a small fortune to put together and arrange even a small wedding for you, your loved one and your families. But some people tend to go overboard and throw extravagant weddings that go on for days. Weddings can suddenly add up to a huge amount of money, but you are not planning a wedding on a budget, you can have the most excessive wedding you like. With some of the most outrageous weddings in history blowing your entire budget on the cake, here is a chance to see 7 Totally Extravagant Weddings of the Past.

1. Atilla the Hun and Idico (453 CE)

Outrageous weddings are not just the latest fad. Even the ancient bad boy Attila the Hun managed to throw some incredible parties and when it came to weddings he was no exception. With no less than 12 weddings behind him, and a complete household full of 12 wives and all of their unknown numbers of children, Attila decided that number 13 was a necessity. On his very last wedding night, Attila ordered thousands of gallons of wine to be brought in, and entire herds of sheep were slaughtered for the hungry guests that came from all over the nation. The partying carried on for a number of days and nights until finally, one morning, when Attila was to take his 16 year old bride to his quarters, the 50 year old groom was found dead. It just goes to show, too much of a good thing is not really a good thing.

Margaret of York and Charles the Bold (1468)
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