58 Stunning Wedding Flower Arrangements to Inspire You ...


Organizing wedding flower arrangements is a huge part of planning your big day.

If you don't even know where to being, you aren't alone.

That's why this handy collection of stunning wedding flower arrangements is here.

Use the lovely pictures on this list to inspire you.

It won't take long before you see something you love.2

1. Pale Pink and Lavender Rose Bouquet

Pale Pink and Lavender Rose Bouquet

Via Pale Pink and Lavender Rose ...

Pale colors are one of the most popular for wedding flower arrangements.

The mixture of pink and purple is perfect.

2. White Flowers with Candles

White Flowers with Candles

Via First Look: Vera Wang's New ...

Floating your flowers with candles in an all white palette is elegant and sophisticated.

3. Flowers in a Jar

Flowers in a Jar

Via A Rustic DIY in Texas ...

A little less perfect, but still beautiful, this arrangement is perfect for an outdoor wedding.2

4. Blue and Purple Orchids

Blue and Purple Orchids

Via Wedding and Event planners serving ...

Again, flowers in tall water filled pillars is unique and gives your guests something beautiful to look at, other than you, that is!2

5. Coral and Pink

Coral and Pink

Via Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...

Classic colors like roses combine well in pink and peach hues.

6. Purple and Yellow

Purple and Yellow

Via Creative Ways to Decorate with ...

The lemons are such a personal touch that you won't find just anywhere.

The purple flowers really pop next to them.

7. Add Some Green

Add Some Green

Via Indigo Crossing : Photo

Throw in some greenery for a more natural look.

8. Vintage Romantic

Vintage Romantic

Via A Special Wedding in Vancouver ...

Nothing spells romance like this huge collection of pink and white flowers.

9. Pale and Beautiful

Pale and Beautiful

Via Downtown Ballroom Wedding

There's something so romantic about the pale green leaves mixed with pink flowers.

10. Make It Pop

Make It Pop

Via Branches Event Floral Company: Sami's ...2

For carrying, this combination of bright coral pops against the green stems so your guests will be able to admire your bouquet.

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