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Finding the best places to shop for wedding décor can be a bit tricky.

Creating your own wedding decorations out of craft supplies and cheap objects that you can turn into expensive looking pieces is a chore, but you will save a ton of money and feel an enormous sense of pride when you are finished.

Doing it yourself (with help, of course) is a great way to make sure everything is precisely how you want it to be.

But where are some good places to shop for wedding décor?

1. Save-on-crafts.com

Of all the places to shop for wedding décor, I love love love this website!

I ordered from them continuously while planning my wedding.

They have a remarkable array of craft pieces that are perfect for weddings, from dried flowers to lights in every color of the rainbow.2

Most of their stuff is discounted to an extremely reasonable rate.

I got a pack of 10 submersible LED lights for only $19.99 to set in the bottom of my glass vases.

I set floating orchids (88 cents each) on top of the water and surrounded the base with preserved orchids (36 cents each) and my centerpieces were gorgeous!2

I would never have been able to accomplish such an elegant looking piece without the help of this website.

2. Dollar Tree

A lot of brides tend to shy away from the Dollar Tree because they don’t want their décor to look cheap or tacky, but I assure you, with your magic DIY touch, you can turn a lot of dollar store products into beautiful works of art!2

They have a variety of glass vases in various sizes, circular and square table mirrors, which always make your centerpieces look bigger and more elaborate.

Candle stick holders, translucent shred, candles… you can buy all of these at the dollar store much cheaper than you could get anywhere else and no one will ever know!

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