11 Creative Wedding Ring Photo Ideas That You'll Cherish Forever ...


Looking for a few creative wedding ring photo ideas to help add a unique twist to your day? You and your partner’s rings will surely be in the spotlight all the way from the ceremony to the reception, and with the help of these creative wedding ring photo ideas, you’ll be able to remember for years to come just how shiny and new they looked. Of course, your photographer may also have other fun ideas of his or her own, so be sure to ask for suggestions! Here to get things started are 11 ideas I especially love.

1. Three Generations

Three Generations

Showcasing one of my all-time favorite wedding ring photo ideas, this image beautifully features three generations of rings, including the bride’s, her mother’s and her grandmother’s. Do you love it as much as I do? Add this idea to your shot list and frame the picture after the wedding for a lovely keepsake.

Handprints in the Sand
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