4 Very Cool Wedding Reception Locations ...

Sometimes ideas for post pop into your head so easily and other times you have to go looking for it. For this post the idea came to me with just one photo! I won't give it away until the end of the post to tell you which of these very cool wedding receptions caught my eye first, but I will tell you that these are all amazing locations for a wedding ceremony and reception, maybe one of them is your venue!

4. On Top of the Mountains...

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Photos: Jenna Walker Photographyvia StyleMePretty

Do you live in the country, love to ski, or would like a beautiful scene for a destination wedding? Just look at these breathtaking photos from this amazing DIY Colorado Beaver Creek Mountains wedding. I love how this Westin Riverfrontwedding looks elegant and laid back at the same time; resembling the feel of the mountains and the ski resort. How much do you love the groom and his guys in jeans and suit jackets and the stunning bride in her Maggie Sotterogown!

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