10 Wedding Superstitions from around the World ...


Here are 10 wedding superstitions from around the world. I couldn’t find documentation as to where a couple of them originated from, so I didn’t assign a particular country to them. I hope you find these amusing! Feel free to share some superstitions of your own or ones that your family has passed down between the generations.

10. A Rainy Wedding Equals Many Tear Drops

A rainy wedding day signifies the bride will shed many tears during her married life. I’ve had a couple of friends who actually enjoyed having rain fall during the wedding. They thought it to be a sign that all aspects of their old life were being washed away and they were able to start a brand new life with the perfect person. To me, this sounds much better than spending most of my married life crying.

It’s Bad Luck if the Wife Stumbles over the Threshold - Canada
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