10 Wedding Etiquette Tips You Might Not Be Aware of ...


Wedding Etiquette is not something that a whole lot of people truly pay attention to. Yeah, there are a lot of different variations of wedding etiquette out there but do you know who pays for what, who is supposed to throw what shower? After you read the list I have compiled below, I promise that you'll know all about the top 10 wedding etiquette rules that most people overlook!

1. Who Pays for What?

When I first saw this, I didn't realize that there was actually wedding etiquette for which family member pays for what. Did you know that the bride pays for the wedding ring for the groom along with the bridesmaid's gifts? I had no idea that the bride paid for anything – but I guess that is what I get for watching Bridezillas all the time and learning my wedding etiquette from them.

Tasks for the Mother of the Groom
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