7 Times when You Should Consider Returning Your Wedding Gifts ...


Returning your wedding gifts can be a difficult decision to make.

You may feel guilty if you return a wedding gift.

But the truth is that the gift is yours and it is your decision to make.

These are 7 times when you should consider returning your wedding gifts and there are others, too.

I hope it offers you some reassurance in your decision to keep or return a wedding gift.

1. You Have Duplicates

One time you should consider returning your wedding gifts is if you have duplicates.

You should never feel obligated to keep a duplicate of a gift.

After all, you can only really use one of something unless it would be something like towels or another item that you actually need multiples of.

Returning a duplicate gift will enable you to get other things that you and your new husband can enjoy together.

An advantage when you are in this situation is that because you still have one of the item, the gift giver never needs to know that you returned the gift.

You Really Hate It
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