7 Super Fabulous Wedding Blogs That You Will Fall in Love with ...


Wedding bells are nowhere in my near future to my detriment, however many of my friends getting hitched are falling in love with some pretty fabulous wedding blogs in preparation for their day.

Since many of you are getting ready for your big day as well, I thought I would highlight a few of the best blogs and favorites among many, which might be able to give you some inspiration.

If nothing else, you can at least pin these fabulous wedding blogs to a secret Pinterest board for future use or just to daydream!

Some of these blogs can also help you if you’re throwing a bridal shower, or acting as a bridesmaid in a wedding.

So if you’re not ready to walk down the aisle, you can still help your family member or best friend get ready for her big day or be the hottest and most prepared bridesmaid anyone could ask for!2

1. Style Me Pretty

This is known as the ultimate wedding blog of all fabulous wedding blogs to follow.

It brings stylish weddings to a new level and for the fifth year in a row has made the number one spot on the Top 100 Wedding Blogs hosted by weddingblogs100.com.

Style Me Pretty is a gorgeous site to visit, but also a very useful one.

They cover fashion, vendors, wedding ideas, galleries of weddings, and even have their own magazine if you’re interested.2

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